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This is an English community about Naruto. Members are welcome! ^_^

naruto_jump¡{ we're are fighting dreamersWelcome to naruto_jump a Naruto community of livejournal. Here you can (of course) talk about Naruto, can post your fanfics or fanarts, graphics etc. We hope you like this community, join and post a lot of entries!

'Naruto...' what?!
We were often asked about the name. Well, this've a simple reason: Naruto comes out every week in a mgagazine, which's called 'Shounen Jump Weekly'. The '!' gives the name power (it sounds strang, but it's true!) so we decided to use this name an no other.

1. Please don't post things irrelevant to Naruto!
2. Please place all spoilers, fanfiction, big images, long summaries or posts under a cut.
3. Please don't make really random/pointless messages such as "YAY SASUKE :)" as a post. Or "I READ CH 352!!!!!" If you're going to say that, please at least include your thoughts on it. ONE intro post is permitted if you're new to the community.
4. Please don't post racial, pornographic or discrimnated entries.
5. Please don't post stolen Fan Arts or Fan Fics.
Any post that doesn't follow these rules will be deleted and won't be tolerated!